Saunders partners with the US EPA to get 'WasteWise'

Saunders Manufacturing has partnered with the EPA's WasteWise program

June 19, 2009

Readfield, Maine - Saunders Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of clipboards, aluminum form holders and storage boxes, has announced its partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program. This voluntary program ensures that its certified members are continually working to do what they can to prevent unnecessary waste. Saunders has committed to do just that – they will buy recycled products, use only the material needed to get the job done, and then recycle what cannot be prevented.
Saunders is a certified small business committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices in our processes, products and packaging. Throughout the last few years, Saunders has been increasingly taking steps to "green" its business. According to Kelley Ross, Human Resource Manager, "Saunders has always made preservation of the environment a high priority, the WasteWise program just allows us to continue to push ourselves to do more."
The Wastewise Program works with businesses, local governments and non-profit organizations of all sizes to reduce the amount of municipal and industrial wastes. It not only focuses on a business’ products but its internal processes. The program helps organizations to create achievable goals to conserve our natural resources and prevent pollution.
Saunders is already well on it’s way to achieving their goals. In late 2008, they began a process to switch their US made virgin aluminum products to recycled aluminum, moving away from a chemical cleaning and finishing process. This alone reduced approximately 21,000 lbs of non-hazardous sludge. In addition, Saunders has taken efforts many other efforts to reduce and reuse – including, but not limited to, reusing and reducing the amount of packaging material, increasing employee awareness and education, and buying recycled products. Saunders also intends to develop measuring and monitoring systems to quantify their waste reduction efforts. Here are a few examples where Saunders currently prevents waste before recycling!
Use electronic systems instead of multiple hard copies. File documents electronically, it not only saves paper, but storage space as well.

  • Recycle ink cartridges. They save approximately 40% off replacement cartridges.
  • Use reusable coffee mugs, glasses and utensils instead of disposable products.

From an economic viewpoint, reducing purchasing and disposal costs, is money that can be used to make Saunders more productive and competitive. "y reducing, reusing and recycling we are actually able to save money, and reduce the amount of waste. We are able to run more efficiently – a win, win situation,"says Tracy Kastning, Marketing Manager. 

About Saunders

Saunders, a privately-held company based in Readfield, Maine, is a leading manufacturer of clipboards, aluminum form holders and other document protection and organizing devices. Saunders also makes and markets the Ticket Board® brand of illuminated boards for safety, the RhinoSkin™ brand of case solutions for mobile devices, and is the distributor of German-based UHU® adhesive products in the United States. On the Web at:

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