PCBC 2007 Cool Product Winners Unveiled

All-glass stair steps, a hybrid water heater and an intelligent oven were among the 20 products voted as the “coolest” to be exhibited at the 2007 PCBC.

June 11, 2007

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On The Show Floor PCBC 2007

All-glass stair steps, a hybrid water heater and an intelligent oven were among the 20 products voted as the “coolest” to be exhibited at the 2007 PCBC The Premier Building Show, which was held May 29 to June 1, 2007 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Over 30,000 attendees perused more than 700 exhibits in 230,000 square feet of space in the three-building convention facility.  For the Cool Products contest, a panel of 7,000 randomly selected builders, architects, real estate professionals, marketing experts, and other building industry leaders who were registered to attend the show were asked to vote on approximately 85 products that were entered for the competition.

This was the sixth consecutive year that PCBC has sponsored the Cool Products contest, which is held in order to identify the most innovative and appealing products on display at the exhibit halls. The contest is divided into categories of industry- and consumer-based products, with 10 being chosen within each category.

With a theme that focused on “the new basics,” attendees were also offered a wide variety of workshops, educational and keynote sessions that were focused on industry issues, trends and best practices over the course of the conference.

Here's the list of PCBC 2007 Cool Product Winners:

Consumer Products

#1  IBP GlassWalk Stair Treds. Company: Sierra Glass Block/Hawaii Glass Block. Specially designed support brackets and 3-ply structural glass stair treads 1.325" thick with a two-sided custom engineered bracket support system allows for 48" span. Traction control frit on walking surface meets and exceeds ADA requirements.

#2 REX SynFelt Synthetic Roof Underlayment. Company: Alpha ProTech Engineered Products

REX SynFelt is an advanced replacement to conventional asphalt felt papers for use as a roof underlayment. It will not degrade or slip, is 20 times lighter than 30 pound felt, 10 times stronger than 30 pound felt, and will install in 50 percent of the time.

#3  Connect Io Intelligent Oven. Company: TMIO, LLC

Multi award-winning 30" stainless steel electric wall ovens allow consumers to control mealtimes from virtually anywhere. Built-in refrigeration keeps food fresh before and after cooking, and remote control via Internet and phones both touch-tone and mobile to change any cooking and refrigeration cycles, allowing one to have meals ready when they arrive home.

#4  JELD-WEN Custom Wood Windows with Phantom Screens Technology. Company:  JELD-WEN

One of JELD-WEN's most important breakthroughs of the year is designed to let the beauty of Custom Wood windows shine through by incorporating Phantom Screens Technology into the frames themselves.

#5  Brilliance Solar Electric System Meter. Company: GE Energy

Consumers can now compare how much energy they are using with how much their PV system is producing in an informative and easy-to-read way through GE's Solar Electric Wireless Meter.

#6  GE Profile Double Oven Free-Standing Electric Range. Company: GE Consumer & Industrial

The new GE Profile Double Oven Free-Standing Range offers the largest free-standing total oven capacity in the industry (6.5 cu. ft.) to cook two dishes - at two different temperatures - at the same time. Both ovens are loaded with features to ensure accurate temperatures so food cooks evenly.

#7  Elite Masonry Series Hide Away Pocket Door. Company:  IRONHAUS

The Ironhaus Elite Masonry Series Hideaway Pocket Door is a revolutionary system that has a steel frame enclosing the track and doors; the door panels recess into the sides of the fireplace instead of swinging out allowing full access to the hearth when the doors are open.

#8  Hide-A-Hose. Company: H-P Products, Inc.

With Hide-A-Hose, up to 50 feet of hose, which can cover up to 2200 sq. ft, is concealed in the wall in the systems vacuum tubing. Consumers can pull out the length of hose they need, connect the remote controlled handle and begin vacuuming.

#9  Pro-Fit Mouldings.  Company:  SPEXCO

Pro-Fit Mouldings is a crown moulding product that simplifies the installation process. There is no need for mitre cuts. All inside and outside corners are pre-fabbed and the product attaches to anything-no nails needed. It’s made of an extruded ABS material that paints well.

#10  SalesTouch. Company:  Computer Presentation Systems, Inc.

SalesTouch actively engages homebuyers and takes them beyond the standard, static topo table to a real-time, interactive display designed to actively engage sales office visitors from the minute they enter the sales office.

Industry Products

#1  Eternal Hybrid Water Heater. Company:  Grand Hall

Grand Hall brings tank and tank-less together at last in the first of its kind Eternal® Hybrid water heater. The Eternal Hybrid water heater features an advanced Turbo Heat Exchanger which incorporates a storage reservoir to supply endless hot water from the best of both tank and tank-less technologies.

#2  QuietRock 516. Company: Quiet Solution

QuietRock 516 is the only soundproof drywall made especially for 16" OC stud construction. It provides simple, low-cost, reliable noise reduction. QuietRock 516 uses specially-engineered panel materials and custom viscoelastic polymers to tackle the acoustic challenges of 16" construction.

#3  DuPont RoofLiner with Elvaloy. Company: DuPont Tyvek

DuPont RoofLiner with Elvaloy is a high-performance roofing underlayment scientifically engineered to provide superior leak protection and enhanced durability in one lightweight, slip-resistant material.

#4  DrySnap Underdeck Rain Carrying System.  Company: Berger Building Products, Inc

This under-deck rain carrying system can be easily installed beneath any raised deck to channel water away and provide a dry added living or storage area. The system installs entirely below the level of the joists, making it easy to install even when joist spacing is uneven or if there are double joists and the vinyl construction weathers well over time and is maintenance-free.

#5  EnviroAire Duct Board. Company:  Johns Manville

EnviroAire Duct Board from Johns Manville is a new Formaldehyde-free fiber glass air duct board that completely replaces ordinary metal ducts to quietly and efficiently distribute air throughout the home. EnviroAire reduces noise, lowers energy costs and provides a comfortable, healthy living environment. This duct board delivers air efficiently, quietly and consistently throughout the home to ensure that room temperature quickly reaches and stays at the requested level.

#6  The Aqus.  Company:  WaterSaver Technologies

The Aqus water conservation system is based upon the premise that using fresh water to flush a toilet is unnecessary and wasteful. This system takes the water that goes down the bathroom sink, filters and disinfects it, and uses it to flush the toilet. It does not cross connect to the fresh water system nor does it inhibit the backflow prevention. It simply tries to use reused water as the primary source for flushing the toilet then supplements it with fresh water, as needed.

#7  LIFESPAN. Company:  Fletcher Wood Solutions, A Tenon Company

LIFESPAN trim boards, fascia, siding and interior/exterior mouldings are 100 percent real wood and FSC certified. The EPA approved bio-organic preservative protects against rot, termites, fungi, water & corrosion to fasteners. It also carries a 30-year warranty. Unlike many traditional wood treatments, the LIFESPAN preservative does not contain any heavy metals, and is less likely to cause corrosion of nails and fastenings.

#8  T-Bar Domes. Company: Domes 2000, Inc.

This light weight material, is a non-combustible glass reinforced gypsum which is both easy to install and cost effective to purchase. Architects and designers can start with the eight standard sizes available, including three oval shapes that can be modified to better fit job site conditions. The gypsum has a smooth finish that's ready to paint or texture and the dome and light ring combination utilizes techniques common to Acoustical Contractors as well as other drywall and framing contractors.

#9  Weather Tex. Company: Fortifiber Building Systems Group

Weather Tex is the industry's first hybrid housewrap, a high-tech solution that ends the paper vs. plastic debate. Weather Tex provides the best of both worlds by the innovative layering of Super Jumbo Tex.

#10   Sterling Water Conditioner ICT-110 and ICT-150. Company:  Sterling Water Systems, LLC

 With the advancement of technology, the Sterling Water Conditioner offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to salt-based water softeners without the use of salt or other chemical additives to water. It’s safe for use in drinking water and complies with the toxicity requirements in NSF 61, uses no salt or other additives and does not waste water through regeneration or backwashing.

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