EcoSteel takes unique hybrid approach to prefab housing

No limit on size or design style with these modules

February 12, 2009

Although the U.S. housing market is depressed nationwide, modern prefab home sales are increasing at a rapid pace from coast to coast. For modern architecture fans that object to cookie-cutter homes, the prefab housing industry is a shining beacon of progress. The Prefabricated Revolution is here to stay, fueled by the unstoppable trend of sustainable living and green building.

Efficient, modern prefabricated buildings are appearing with increased frequency across America. A key player in the prefab housing movement is EcoSteel Building Systems with a unique "hybrid approach" to prefab. Right now EcoSteel is completing five modern prefab steel homes in South Carolina, New Mexico, Utah, Maryland and Massachusetts, while three other projects are starting with two in California and one in Georgia.

"Our building system is different than typical prefab concepts, which are built with limited module sizes assembled in a factory and transported on a truck. The prefab modular method limits your range of jobs, and site access must be large and wide open for the built modules to be connected with a specialized crew. Our system has no limitations of size or design style and our building package is a pre-manufactured kit of parts that packs flat and assembles onsite," explains EcoSteel's President, Joss Hudson.

Modern prefab buildings can produce their own energy, provide planted roof gardens to grow food and harvest water, as well as solar and wind to produce energy. Hudson is convinced that the prefab housing industry can bring new jobs and a competitive advantage to the American economy.

"The prefab product shift out of traditional construction methods could be the next industrial base that brings the U.S. back into a force of manufacturing and export. If we could begin supplying buildings to the rest of the world, U.S. Automakers could quickly add a prefab housing division to their factories. The Prefab Building Movement is a threat to most builders; in my opinion, 2009 marks the death of carbon-copy suburban architecture known as The McMansion," says Hudson.

About EcoSteel

EcoSteel Building Systems of Park City, Utah ( is a sustainable building company that provides architectural/engineering and construction solutions worldwide. The company specializes in remote location and LEED Certified construction projects. EcoSteel utilizes a hybrid building approach that combines the advantages of prefabricated and pre-engineered building technology. The system is based on a commercial steel structure and pre-finished insulated panels. EcoSteel buildings can be assembled with a local labor force of steel erectors. Faster building erection times, superior thermal qualities and more design flexibility are now available as an integrated system. 

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