DeWalt expands power tool offering based on builder feedback

DeWalt has launched a series of products ranging from woodworking and cordless tools to accessories and batteries for existing products. The company conducted field research to learn what users liked and what could be improved, and used that insight to guide their new designs.

June 10, 2011
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At a media event last week in Baltimore, DeWalt launched a series of power tools for builders ranging from woodworking and cordless tools to accessories and batteries for existing products. DeWalt said it conducted extensive field research with actual users to learn what they liked and what could be improved, and used that insight to guide their new designs.

Long battery life, durability and user comfort are some of the improvements emphasized in the latest line of tools and accessories. An optional addition to several standard tools like impact drivers and cordless drills is the 20 Volt MAX. Newly designed electronics are built into the switches of all 20 Volt MAX Lithium Ion tools and lights.

These electronics provide maximum life for the tools and batteries by helping to protect them from overheating, overloading and deep discharge during use. In addition, the charger for each of the items in the system has dual voltage capabilities, and it is compatible with 12 Volt MAX and 20 Volt MAX DeWalt Lithium Ion batteries.

Here are three products that caught our eye:

DeWalt 12” Compound Miter Saw: Precise cuts and many uses for builders

DeWalt’s 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780) has been designed to usage in applications from fine woodworking to framing and deck building. It is ideal for a variety of trades, including cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, framers and installers.

The saw features the XPSTM LED light and cut alignment system, which casts a laser-like shadow on the work surface, showing users where the blade will come in contact with the material. It does not require recalibration over time or when changing blades.

The saw’s dual bevel system includes the ability to bevel right and left from 0 to 49 degrees with positive stops at 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 49 degrees in both directions, as well as a high visibility bevel scale. The saw also miters 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left and features an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops, allowing for fast and easy adjustments. A cam lock miter button allows users to lock angles between detents for versatility on the jobsite.

The saw features a powerful 15 AMP motor that delivers 3,800 RPM.

Dewalt 2x Longer Life Reciprocating Blades: Durable and tough

A new accessory from DeWalt is its line of 2X Longer Life Reciprocating Saw Blades, which are specifically designed to cut through the hardest metals. These blades feature a wide, thick design for durability, a blade coating process for increased life, and a variable pitch design.   The new blades are ideal for work related to plumbing, mechanical and HVAC, and demolition, as well as electrical and general contracting. Most commonly, the blades are used for cutting materials such as metal studs, duct, galvanized pipe, steel pipe, black pipe, rebar, angle iron and stainless steel.

DeWalt conducted field research with professionals who use reciprocating saws and saw blades often and learned that the two most common frustrations users experienced were related to a lack of durability and poor blade life. The new blade line thus features a coating process to extend the life of the blade, as well as increased height and thickness.

In addition to issues related to blade durability and lifespan, professional contractors expressed concerns related to speed and cut rate with existing reciprocating saw blades. The new saw blades now feature a variable pitch of 14-18 TPI that provides a uniquely designed back angle for efficient cutting and material removal.

 DeWalt 20 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Circular Saw: Easy-to-hold power tool

DeWalt also launched the new 20 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Circular Saw (DCS391L1). The saw features a lightweight magnesium shoe and ergonomic handle design. The new saw’s powerful 460 Max Watts Out (MWO) motor delivers the power and speed needed to make demanding cuts. The circular saw is ideal for remodelers, carpenters and professionals tasked with framing, cross cutting, ripping, bevel cuts and plunge cuts.

The saw delivers 3,700 RPMs and has a new 3.0 Amp Hour (Ah) Lithium Ion battery for longer use time.

The DCS391L1 provides bevel capacity of 0-50 degrees for a variety of applications. A 6-½ inch thin kerf carbide tooth blade provides users with the ability to cut completely through two-by framing lumber at a 45-degree bevel angle.

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