Brand Networks Group created to help independent builders

Marketing, systems, and shared resources created to help smaller firms compete.

May 14, 2013

Builders Network Group, LLC has been formed to provide branding, marketing, systems, and shared resources platforms for independent builders and contractors.

The initial brand networks offered are Relais Fine Homes and Remodeling, a custom/luxury homebuilding and remodeling brand and American Village, a neighborhood developer and homebuilder brand.

“The brand network concept, from our perspective, is somewhat a blend of a franchise system and a business cooperative,” said Rick Bishop, Managing Partner with Rabbit Ventures and Interim President of Builders Network Group, LLC. “Independent builders share a brand identity and the costs associated with developing and maintaining a robust marketing program, allowing them to get a lot more mileage out of their marketing and advertising budget.”

Sales tools, production management systems, training, and business management software suites are also offered to builder-members as are collections of ready-to-build home plans, warranty programs, and network-wide building component purchasing programs.

“The landscape for smaller builders, who often provide great homes and construction services, has changed drastically over the last several years and the competitive advantage has shifted, dramatically, to larger, well-capitalized builders,” said Bishop. “Our program, in part because it is based on a shared-cost business model, helps builders and contractors cut costs tremendously while giving them greater exposure to their target market, essentially putting them on a level playing field with the big, national firms, all without giving up their independence.”

Under development are two additional brands, Ultrabode, a pre-fabricated home sales, site preparation, and home assembly brand, and Integrabuild, a light commercial design/build brand.

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