There are a whole range of quality management tools and techniques and that includes Lean and Six Sigma. Includes being the key word. They are not by themselves ‘Quality Management’. A recent research paper on barriers to implementing lean construction in the UK shows the problem that occurs when one thinks that Lean or Six Sigma are all that is needed.
With stricter energy codes causing contractors to review their construction options, the opportunity to revise insulation choices arises. In some cases, contractors may be considering the use of spray-foam applications to replace fiberglass batt or loose insulation. Here are some factors to keep in mind:
We can’t predict the future with 100-percent accuracy for 2014, but don’t we wish! We can however use scenario planning, data analysis and extrapolation along with experience and create a strategic plan for the scenario we think is most likely to play out, BUT with a scenario plan for B and C outcomes also.  While the economy has improved it really depends on where you are, some regions feel like a building boom is back, and that is not a good thing. Other regions feel like the recession is still very strong.
As more states and municipalities adopt the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), builders and remodelers are finding that the requirements are increasing the amount of high-performing insulation needed in each home. In addition, homeowners are well informed today via their own research and are examining these long-term cost centers to ensure their contractors are providing state-of-the-art designs.
NHQA builders are using quality management tools and techniques to drive performance improvement to survive and thrive.
A trend I am seeing throughout the country is that builders are stepping up their game relating to elevations.
It’s award season again here at Professional Remodeler and with the help of Ken Kanline at the Chrysalis Awards, this may be the best series of entries that has ever been submitted to our Design Awards program.
Starbucks and The Container Store think you’re a joke. OK… maybe not you specifically. They think your training program is. Laughable.
I have taken quite the respite from my blogging activities, despite statistics that showed a growing readership.  For whatever reasons, I felt the blogging juice just didn’t justify the squeeze.  I wrote of topics ranging from referral sales, to customer service, to ultra-marathon running in an attempt to draw readers in.  Well, this blog post is different. 
The Love Boat Bosom Buddies Taxi Happy Days Family Ties Splash  Bachelor Party  The Man with One Red Shoe  Volunteers  The Money Pit  Dragnet  Big  The ‘Burbs  Turner & Hooch  Joe Versus the Volcano  The Bonfire of the Van
When it comes to learning – you’re a chicken. A free-range chicken, to be more specific. I’m not implying you are frightened. Not a “chicken” in the 8-year-old insult sense of the word.   When it comes to learning, you’re like a free-range chicken… you’re a free-range learner. You’re in constant motion, busily moving from activity to activity throughout the day.
In business so often what one wants is a silver bullet, that one solution that will solve everything, improve the whole business in one swoop. This of course does not exist and so what we need to do is accept the fact that we need to use a range of tools and technique to run our business and not keep searching for the silver bullet. Let's think of it this way, even if there were a silver bullet, it only is useful for ONE thing (ie in folklore killing a werewolf) so it’s actually a misnomer, a silver bullet is only useful for ONE problem, not everything!
  Mel Tucker is the new Defensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears. In theory, that’s a good gig.
During Operation Desert Storm in the early 90s, France’s decision to not support the U.S. intervention revived an old joke from the World War II era.  
BENCHMARK Roundtables 2013, November 6th & 7th 2013 Scottsdale AZ Professional Builder Hosts Leading Builders in One-day Peer-to-peer Business Tune-up
Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, the SpaceX project, and the promising new Tesla Motor Company, is the kind of entrepreneur you want to have in your neighborhood. He is the Bill Gates of his generation, creating good, high-paying jobs that will likely last for years. 
Not so long ago basements were merely utility space, but those days are gone. Two projects presented in the September edition of Custom Builder include basements that figure prominently in their respective plans.
There’s a lot of testosterone on the jobsite. And there’s always plenty of stress. This can be an explosive combination.
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and countless other destructive weather events cost billions of dollars in damage in North America every year. Specifically, storm damage accounted for more than $110 billion in 2012 alone. These storms leave devastating footprints that take communities years to recover.


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