This years National Housing Quality Award recipients will be honored at Professional Builder Magazines Housing Giants Leadership Conference at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix AZ on October 21st – 23rd. To find out more and register for the conference go to: or contact Harry Urban at
  “Sometimes life – and work – would be easier if you could forget some things you’ve learned.”
Rising temperatures often lead to increased water and energy consumption, which can mean higher utility bills. As customers’ bills skyrocket during the summer, so does demand for water and energy-efficient renovations, especially in the West and Southwest, which continue to face tough drought conditions. When demand for this type of job and these product categories goes up, remodelers can add value for clients by identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and sustainability in almost every aspect of home improvement.
The next deadline for the NHQA application is April 2016.
Here are the top issues that allow lean to stumble.
“Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric.”  Philip Crosby
As a leader, are you fully committed to the Baldrige journey? The following is from The Executive Guide to the Baldrige Criteria (Leonard & McGuire) and applies in the same way to the NHQA ! • Leaders must decide early in this process if the organization desires to achieve targeted success as described by previous Baldrige Award-winning organizations. We recommend that leaders make a list of key reasons they want to focus on Baldrige, so they can fully articulate that information to the management
“Goal setting has traditionally been based on past performance. This practice has tended to perpetuate the sins of the past.”  Joseph Juran
“Leaders must create the vision, determine the mission, and define the cultural values on which the strategy is established.” Leonard & McGuire (The Executive Guide to the Baldrige Criteria)
“The aim proposed here for any organization is for everybody to gain – stockholders, employees, suppliers, customers, community, the environment – over the long term.” W. Edwards Deming, The New Economics, Page 35
In a survey of private builders in 2015 Charlie Scott found 3 top challenges.
Risk management tips to consider as you benefit from green improvements and construction.
Initial research suggests there could be as much as $10,000, or an additional 2.5 percentage points in margin, that can be gained per house through proactive quality management...............$10k.aspx
NHQA recipients provide example of the best in our industry. Applying takes work and being open to receiving feedback on how to improve your business. Here is a list of best practices of past NHQA Recipients.
There is always an excuse why not to use NHQA to drive improvement in your business or why not to apply
A US Dept of Energy Study recommends NHQA as a key step in driving Quality “The (NHQA) feedback reports and the site visits are invaluable learning opportunities from  quality experts within the residential construction industry.”
64% of projects are successful 17% of organizations have a high maturity level of project management 13.5% of every dollar is at risk in a project These are sobering figures from the Project Management Institutes annual research. The solution is a focus on: 1 Talent Management 2 Strategic alignments
Residential remodeling is predicted to increase 2.3 percent this year and another 2.4 percent in 2016, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). As activity increases, so does demand for interior paint projects.   
Last week’s big announcement of the merger of StanPac and Ryland Group, creating a new member of the Top 5 Homebuilders, spawned a flurry of articles and blogs, most of them suggesting the kingdom and the power and the glory of mergers, forever and ever, amen. The truth of the long history of mergers is, with a few notable exceptions, that they are virtually always "less than meets the eye," sometimes dramatically so. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who was an employee of one the firms, three years later.
The shortage of qualified trade contractors is a problem that vexes the entire industry and finally people are waking up to it, largely for the wrong reasons. Suddenly trade shortages as an obstacle to growth is appearing in articles and blogs and occasionally even cited by industry market researchers and engineers. Here’s the bottom line: we have tremendous structural demand at all price points yet there is ample evidence that in each segment and especially entry-level, sales prices are too high.


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