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Here is a structure that you can provide to your trades to help them think about Cost of Quality in their business.

Cost of Quality is 3% of revenue, what is that in your company in $

It began simply. The laundry washer breaks down and a repair company is called to fix it.

Quite simple.

We all know we do a great job, while we all can improve our business it’s just minor stuff, things are just great.

The key barriers to Implementing Lean Construction have been listed in a UK Construction Industry study. These provide great insights to ensure that your lean implementation is successful.

A new book out called ‘The Elements of Building: A Business Handbook for Residential Builders and Tradesmen’ by Mark Kerson is a valuable read.

Firefighting is a well-known management term for, well running around like a headless chicken doing work that is actually not productive or profit making.

The NHQA Application is available for download at this link http://www.probuilder.com/NHQAapp

This link is to a free presentation on the National Housing Quality Award.

Looking for a New Year Resolution? How much more effective could your organization become if it were to take steps to enhance its culture of quality?

The National Housing Quality Award has a

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