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BIO — David Johnston, founder and president of What’s Working Inc., is one of the pioneers of the sustainability movement in the U.S. For the last 30 years, he has been working to transform the building industry to become greener and more sustainable. Johnston is a recipient of the SAM Sustainability Pioneer Award — widely considered the Nobel Prize of sustainability. Johnston can be reached at:

These days any job is a blessing. In the rush to take advantage of the moment often opportunities are lost because we take the owner’s perception of what he wants over providing the service of delivering what is needed. All too often this opportunity only comes once while the owners are living in the home. For example:

In the race to reduce energy use and carbon in the residential housing arena, I’m concerned that we’re playing down the importance of indoor air quality in homes. One of the reasons green building took off in the marketplace the way it did is that green treated the house as a system. According to market research, the second most important driver for homeowners to buy a green home is improved indoor air quality, especially when children are in the house.

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