ASID Vows to Support Legislative Protection for Interior Designers

ASID will only support legislation that does not restrict people from using terms  "interior design" or "interior designer."

March 10, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 9, 2009) | Michael Alin, Hon. FASID, executive director of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) outlines Society-supported legislative initiatives for 2009 in a video address that can be viewed at

ASID has been a long-time proponent of legal recognition of the interior design profession and, given the economic climate, its members need legislative support now more than ever. In the address, Alin talks candidly about advocacy priorities.

First, ASID will work to create more opportunities for tomorrow’s designer. ASID will work hard to open doors, not close them, and preserve not restrict the right to offer design services. For some, this means fighting to expand their scope of work – work that they are educated to perform but prevented from executing by current law. For others, it’s ensuring that interior design services that are considered legal today will remain legal in the future.

Alin says ASID has made a commitment to only support interior design legislation that:

does not restrict anyone from using the title “interior design” or “interior designer”

does not restrict the practice of interior design not regulated by building code or other statute 

does not prevent individuals from offering services such as selection of colors, materials and finishes or selection and specification of furniture, fixtures and equipment, so long as those services do not affect building code or other statute

allows state-qualified interior designers to use the title “registered," “certified” or “licensed” interior designer 

creates opportunities for designers to practice to the fullest extent of their abilities

Aside from interior design legislation, ASID will continue to offer support on other legislation and regulatory issues regarding small businesses, taxes, sustainable design and building codes.

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