May 04, 2015

The methodology includes an energy savings assessment

May 01, 2015
Buyers can save up to 3 percent of closing costs
April 30, 2015
After the foreclosure crisis, more homebuyers are back on the market

Housing News

April 29, 2015
The bill aims to make it easier for low-income buyers to afford manufactured homes
April 28, 2015
The name change reflects the organization’s expansion beyond its original focus on design and construction
April 27, 2015
The Construction Industry Safety Coalition says that OSHA’s flawed cost estimates point to flaws in the rule
April 24, 2015
While a passive house decreases energy consumption, The Active House produces more
April 23, 2015
The flooring distributor’s testing kits were deemed “unreliable” by consumer rights firm Hagens Berman


Introducing WhisperGreen Select
Introducing WhisperGreen Select, the game-changing, fully customizable ventilation fan for virtually any application. One Fan – Endless IAQ solutions.
Introducing WhisperGreen Select
Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode One
Housing Giants 2014 Post-Show Recap
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