August 28, 2015

Environmental groups say failing to adopt the change could cost a new homeowner about $150 more a year in energy bills

August 27, 2015
City manager says there is enough water for Folsom’s population to grow to nearly 100,000 by 2036
August 26, 2015
The measure must pass a third and final reading to become law

Housing News

August 25, 2015
Stronger building standards and codes have contributed to stronger roofs in the region
August 18, 2015
Homes built before 1994 did not have to follow stringent earthquake codes, making a vast majority of homes vulnerable.
August 17, 2015
The plan calls for hundreds of miles of new bus-only lanes, bicycle lanes, and traffic calming measures over the next 20 years
August 12, 2015
U.S. residential solar grew 76% in the first quarter of this year
August 11, 2015
One research firm projects solar gardens will make up a large market share of the industry by 2020


This years National Housing Quality Award recipients will be honored at Professional Builder Magazines Housing Giants Leadership Conference at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix AZ on October 21s


Introducing WhisperGreen Select
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Introducing WhisperGreen Select
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